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Principal + FOUNDER

Dave has over 15 years of experience leading a diverse range of award winning community-based planning efforts of varying scale. Dave’s ability to foster community input through tailored, comprehensive outreach strategies has proven a key asset in generating support on numerous multifaceted urban revitalization efforts. Dave’s experience as a project manager on vision, corridor, strategic and specific plan projects has provided invaluable insight on the opportunities and the challenges of balancing jurisdictional objectives while meeting community expectations. By implementing a range of engagement and communication tools, Dave has forged relationships with community leaders to establish partnerships and a common dialogue that has led to successful policy outcomes on projects throughout the Bay Area and beyond. 

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“Dave is a top quality city planner and urban designer. His integrity, professionalism and attention to detail provide us great confidence as to the success of any assignment. I particularly respect his organizational skills as a project manager and his experience and sophistication with community outreach. We consider it a privilege to work with Dave on any planning assignment.”
— William “Bill” Lee, Senior Partner - LEG
“Dave is adept in effectively communicating complex urban design intricacies, in a manner that is understandable to the public and decision makers. He maintains an easy going demeanor even in contentious settings, and is able to convey to outreach participants that their voice is being heard. In my realm as transportation expert in planning workshops and outreach exercises, I very much appreciate having a competent facilitator like Dave at the helm.”
— Zack Mately, AICP, Associate Principal - W-Trans
“Dave has a warm and friendly approach while being able to communicate project needs and expectations. He was a great colleague and mentor capable and comfortable finding the balance to bring projects into healthy and successful completion. As a project manager, he set up clear expectations and targets while inspiring us to work independently and creatively.”
— Maria Landoni - PWP Landscape Architecture
“I’m always impressed by Dave’s professionalism, organization skills and his incredible calm demeanor. It is always a pleasure to work with Dave and I’m excited to experience his new leadership role at Plan to Place.”
— Patricia Algara, Co-Founder and Principal - BASE Landscape Architecture

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Leah Chambers is a versatile urban design and public outreach consultant with a background in the architecture, design, and community planning industry. With both national and international experience, she has a diverse portfolio of multi-disciplinary projects for both public and private clients, including the Tejon Ranch Grapevine, Pennsylvania Keystone Rail Corridor, Orlando Regional Medical Center, and the Eustis CRA Master Plan. Leah's strategic thinking and communication skills allow her to translate and synthesize complex challenges into responsive solutions, while making her a unique asset for consensus and community-building teams.

LinkedIn | Resume (pdf) | leah@plantoplace.com