Airport Smart Station Specific Plan + EIR

Sonoma County| CA

This project is a collaborative planning effort between the County of Sonoma, stakeholders and the consultant team to prepare innovative zoning and development standards and complementary design guidelines to support a balanced and inclusive land use, urban design and circulation pattern around a future Sonoma County and Marin Regional Transit (SMART) station. The process includes an analysis of the community’s demographic and socio-economic profile, and data on employment, place of work, income, and travel mode/time to work, as well as land use patterns. The outreach strategy is designed to reach a wide range of community members and local business owners through a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC), community workshops, a project website, social media tools, and project branding.

Dave served as Project Manager for this project while at M-Group.

“Dave brought his sense of calm to the project and was very easy to work with. It always felt as if we were his only client, although I know he was leading other projects. He did a fantastic job leading our initial public meetings and explained our complex project in a fun light-hearted approach that disarmed many concerns and provided a safe environment for people to speak truthfully about their views.”
— Amy Lyle, Planner III, Comprehensive Planning, County of Sonoma