El Camino Real Corridor Specific Plan

Sunnyvale | CA

The City of Sunnyvale is currently collaborating with the consultant team and a range of stakeholders to prepare a Specific Plan for the El Camino Real Corridor. The plan will focus future development around four “nodes” along the corridor that are best-suited to carry out the vision of the Grand Boulevard Initiative, to improve the performance, safety, and aesthetics of El Camino Real. The community has been heavily involved in every aspect of the planning effort through project branding, pop-up workshops, online engagement, newsletters and surveys, advisory committee meetings and traditional community forums. The project website houses updates and summaries  - plansunnyvaleecr.m-group.us

Dave served as Project Manager for this project while at M-Group.

Dave Javid was such an integral part in kicking off Sunnyvale’s El Camino Real Corridor Plan in the right way. He truly understood our community and worked collaboratively with City staff to develop an outreach plan that has enabled residents and other stakeholders to be the main driver of this planning effort’s current successes. He knows how to reach a broad range of participants and tailored tools and strategies to keep them engaged throughout the process. That, or he can read minds... His project management skills are also second to none, and have been key to this project staying on track and maintaining my own sanity.
— Rosemarie Zulueta, Senior Planner, City of Sunnyvale