About Plan to Place

EngageMENT + FacilitatION + Collaboration

At Plan to Place we value highly collaborative and inclusive community-based, neighborhood and urban planning efforts. As a full service engagement firm, we are continually exploring and innovating new outreach tools that are tailored to meet the needs of our clients and the communities we work with. We implement an array of communication, facilitation and engagement platforms designed to provide access to a wide range of participants.



Provide communication, engagement, and visioning solutions to urban and regional planning challenges.
Specializing in:

  • Comprehensive community engagement strategies
  • Customized outreach tools that spark imagination and intrigue
  • Interactive and approachable visioning exercises
  • Inclusive processes that prioritize equitable integration of all voices and aspirations 
  • Genuine and active listening to and empowering of stakeholders 
  • Creative community-facing design and branding
  • Thoughtful translation of complex planning challenges into collaborative community-supported actions