Downtown Los Altos Vision Plan

los Altos | CA

This visioning effort included approximately 40 engagement activities to gather input on community aspirations and support for land use and circulation scenarios. Plan to Place lead the outreach efforts including intercept meetings or “pop-up” workshops, walking tours, and focus group meetings.  In an effort to elevate the perspective of traditionally underrepresented community members, the team held targeted neighborhood meetings, in addition to hands-on interactive workshops, paired with a project website   ( and online engagement tools and surveys that received over 1,500 participants. All of the information shared was accessible in multiple languages, to reach a diverse cross section of the community. The Vision Plan was unanimously approved by the City Council, and praised by both city leaders and community members as the most comprehensive and successful community engagement process the City has ever experienced.

Dave (PLAN to PLACE) was the Community Engagement Lead on this visioning effort.