San Mateo Downtown Engagement


The “Engage Downtown San Mateo” project in 2015 deployed an array of outreach tools and strategies to engage the community through hands on and informed discussions with local stakeholders, experts and decision makers at “Downtown Future Forums" and pop-up workshops. The project culminated in an Assets and Opportunities Report which is the launching off point and foundation for the Downtown Plan Update the City is embarking on. A website ( was prepared to host information on upcoming events, summarize workshops, and link to the City’s social media outlets.

Dave served as Project Manager for this project while working at M-Group.

“Dave is by far the best project manager I have worked with. He is an extremely thoughtful individual, who considers all parts of the planning process and offers comprehensive approaches to address the opportunity. Dave’s management of our Downtown San Mateo Engagement project was exceptional, and is still being talked about as a model community engagement strategy for the community and beyond. I highly recommend Plan to Place for any of your planning or project management endeavors.”
— Marcus Clarke, Former Economic Development Manager, City of San Mateo